Hey guys, Jason from Simple Lawns here. We love lawns and, even more than mowing lawns, we love sharing lawn mowing tips and tricks with everyone to make sure your lawn can look its best!

How often do you need to mow your lawn?

lawn mowing tips and tricksThis is a brilliant question and a key question for every home owner/renter to answer. Why? Simply because if you get this wrong it can cost you more time and money. Both of these we don’t always have in abundance.

Now I know the cynic within most of us will say:
“Of course the guy selling the lawn mowing will say that I need to get my lawn mown heaps!”

The good news is that I’m not trying to do this! All I will say is try and remain consistent with your lawn mowing and don’t let it get too long.

If your lawn does happen to get too long, here are things that will start to add up to cost you extra time and money:

  • You spend more time emptying the catcher (my record for one lawn was 14 catcher clearances on an average sized lawn!).
  • It takes more line trimmer cord to trim a longer lawn.
  • It uses more petrol.
  • It inevitably takes more time, because often you have to go slower due to the increased length of your lawn.
  • You hit more objects in the lawn because you just can’t see them! So many times we’ve had to mow a lawn and found various items hidden within the grass – this can also have the potential of damaging mower blades or worst yet, having an object fly out and hit you in the leg.
  • In Summer, more creepy crawlies like cockroaches, bugs and spiders can live in your long grass much more easily.
  • You are more likely to damage your (or our) equipment.
  • It can also allow weeds to grow much easier. This would then require a weed and feed treatment to eliminate weeds from your lawn, costing you more money.
  • You lawn can look quite patchy and messy once it’s been hacked back. This will take time for your lawn to recover.

What’s the Simple (Lawns) Answer to Save You Money?

How to Save Money on Lawn Mowing

Book one of our lawn mowing packages! It’s a 12 month booking that will secure you a lawn care and maintenance package that never lets your lawn get out of control AND breaks the payments down to a weekly amount, allowing you to manage the cost much more easily, but also takes one more thing off your plate so you can focus on enjoying your lawn.

The bonus of subscribing to a lawn mowing package? It works out massively cheaper and your lawn never gets long ever again!

Simple! If you are interested in trying out one of our lawn mowing packages, please have a look at our homepage and decide which one might suit you better. Even if you find you don’t need it after a while, simply unsubscribe and you’ll stop paying for it! Cancel anytime, it’s all up to you, although we’re pretty confident you’ll love being on one of these packages!

Thanks for checking out our business and we hope to help you with your lawn care needs in the future!