What is mulching? and what are the benefits?

Mulching is when you turn your grass clippings into mulch as you cut the grass without a catcher on during mowing of your lawn. Instead of collecting the lawn clippings in a grass catcher, your lawn mower returns clippings to the ground, to be used as a form of compost. However, this doesn’t mean just removing the grass catcher and letting it fall on the ground!

When you use a mulching blade and mulch the grass clippings back into your lawn it saves time, because you don’t have to constantly empty your grass catcher when it gets full, meaning you can cut your lawn up to 60% faster!

Mulching is essentially recycling the grass clippings by finely cutting and re-cutting the grass. Recycled grass cuttings known as “mulch” will protect the grass underneath and help to conserve soil moisture, prevent the growth of pesky weeds and keep the soil temperature even.

As a result, you will end up with beautiful looking lawns that are both healthier and greener as well.

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Lawn cuttings providing extra mulch for lawns