Lawn Care Services in Newcastle NSW by Simple LawnsWhat are the benefits of rain on your lawn?

A good balance of rain and proper irrigation can lead to faster growing plants and faster growing lawns. Plants and grass are dependent on water during their entire lifecycle to survive and thrive.

Grass benefits from freshly fallen rain because the flush of water allows the roots to take up new nitrogen as well as the nitrogen that the microbes have previously released.

Soil is greatly affected by rainfall too! If it is too wet or too dry, nutrients in the soil can run off and not make it to the roots of your grass, leading to poor growth and overall health of your lawns. Over-watering or too much rain can also lead to bacteria, fungus and mould growth in the soil.

How much rain is too much?

After it rains, there’s typically more water available in the soil for plants and grass. When grass takes up that water, it is also taking up nitrogen from the organic matter that’s in the soil.

Several days of consistent rain can also become a problem. Flooded grass has a hard time taking in water and nutrients from the soil. It may even turn brown and die as a result. But that doesn’t mean your lawn is a lost cause. Avoid lawn mowing until it is dry enough that the mower will not cause even more damage.

Enjoy the rain because your garden will be!

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Lawn Care Services in Newcastle NSW by Simple Lawns