Lawn Mowing Services in Newcastle NSW by Simple LawnsSo you’ve bought some new plants and planted them in your new garden. Let’s take a look at what happens after you’ve planted them and how they perform.

The study of plant biology is exciting, so exploring how plants mature from a tiny seedling into a full foliaged adult can be quite fascinating. Learning how plants grow is also an important part of any gardener’s path to pursuing further education on the topic.

As plants grow, their small roots die and new roots grow. When that happens, soil microbes cause the dead roots to decay.

Think of this process as being similar to adding compost to your lawn, only this action takes place underground and naturally, without your intervention. The roots are made up of large chemical compounds consisting mostly of carbon but also some nitrogen. Soil microbes will then use carbon and some of the nitrogen, nitrogen being an essential component of enzymes, both of which cause the dead roots to decompose (nitrogen is also necessary for creating beautiful green leaves!). As this happens, a portion of the nitrogen is released back into the soil as a sort of waste product.

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